Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Today I'm meditating on tonality.

I'm painting in black and white. Measuring the depth of shades, I clear my mind. I contemplate lines only.

Sometimes my thoughts wander off and think about a concept, such as 'off the path, the cliffs edges are sharp and there is a drop', or 'the path of the traveler narrows as the sun grows clearer in the distance and the wanderer travels towards the direction of the sunlight.'

Yet, I'm still painting in black and white.

Finished painting, I clear my mind once again and clean my tools; the slate, and the brush.

Although I've been working in black and white only, I take a walk outside and see colors clearer and more concise. The depth of tones is now more apparent. I can gaze through the deepness of the tree's and even the path I walk.

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