Sunday, June 28, 2015

Beginnings of an Artists Career

This is my work, I've been an artist all my life. When I started my career in 2001 I was a street artist in Santa Cruz California. I worked on paintings I called "mindscapes". I created art and sold it at any festival or venue I could, including on the street.

I made enough to eat but not enough to have a place to live. When homeless I created my art at coffee shops using watercolors as my primary medium. I was kicked out of 4 of these coffee shops for loitering, and literally thrown out of one cafe for painting. I was written tickets for showing my artwork on the street without a license. It got to the point where I was arrested for refusing to sign a ticket for showing my work on the street. I was protesting my right to offer my prints to anyone. I went to jail and spent 4 hours there for that ticket.

One of the bookstore cafe's I painted in eventually gave me an art show. It was my first, and I also sold my first original painting at that show for $750. I had finally made enough to get off the street.

Since than I've had an adventurous career as a Fine Artist. I made it into college and than Art School until I became bored with it. I've managed to travel the United States, Canada, and Italy working on my art and showing in over a dozen venues and galleries.

I've gone through severe struggle and still been able to appreciate great art from all over the world.

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